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    Ole Bjerg is Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. He is the author of Parallax of Growth – The Philosophy of Ecology and Economy (Polity Press 2016), Making Money – The Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism (Verso 2014), Poker – The Parody of Capitalism (Umich Press 2011) as well as the three books in Danish including one on money and monetary reform. Ole Bjerg is also the co-founder of a NGO working on monetary reform called Gode Penge.

CBDC in line with the Vollgeld approach?

Abstract: The prospect of central banks issuing digital currency (CBDC) immediately rais- es the question of how this new form of money should co-exist and interact with existing forms of money. This paper evaluates three different scenarios for the implementation of CBDC in terms of their monetary policy implications. In the ‘money user scenario’ CBDC co-exists with both cash and commercial bank de- posits. In the ‘money manager scenario’ cash is abolished and CBDC co-exists only with commercial bank deposits. And in the ‘money maker scenario’ commer- cial bank deposits are abolished and CBDC co-exist only with cash. The evalua- tion is based on an adaption of the classical international monetary policy tri- lemma to a domestic monetary system with multiple forms of money. Our propo- sition is that a monetary system with two competing money creators, the central bank and the commercial banking sector, can simultaneously only pursue two out of the following three policy objectives: Free convertibility between CBDC and bank money, parity between CBDC and bank money, and central bank monetary sovereignty, which is the use of monetary policy for anything else than support for commercial bank credit creation. This means that the decision on the design of a monetary system with CBDC implies a crucial political decision on the prior- ities of the central bank.

Download the full paper as pdf:  Designing New Money – The Policy Trilemma of Central Bank Digital Currency

A list of more papers of Ole Bjerg might be found hier.

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